Monat: August 2014


To Tatt, or not to Tatt? That is the question…

We made a random survey of 100 people in Berlin, and for the first time I’m sure in history, more people were tattooed than weren’t. The Tattoo is no longer Taboo…… Those who have „gone under the gun“ are your brother or sister, your hairdresser, and probably your lawyer and tax consultant…..

Stay tuned as ETVAS Magazine „SERIES“ gets a little bit „under the skin“ and explores this growing phenomenon…….. MORE


Homey Chow – Late Nite Restaurant


American Soulfood meets New York Chinatown:
Its the mid 1970’s…..On the 5th floor of a high-rise office building on Canal Street, in the middle of Chinatown, New York, there were two loft apartments. One was occupied by Jon Moressi, the Creative Director of some fashion magazine and the other was a mysterious office where on the door it said “Homey Chow- Private Detective”.
It was not really known what was went on inside, but when Mr. Moressi looked out his peephole at 5 in the morning he would see people like Andy Warhol, Miles Davis or Bruce Lee going into this mysterious Private Detective office….. And the smell that came out was a heavenly mix of Chinese dumplings, fried chicken and strangely enough, waffles…… MORE