I’m all for recycling but………

Sitting in an eaterie in Midtown Berlin, I had just wolfed down my second Curry Bratwurst and desperately needed something to wash it down. Definitely something non alcoholic after spending a little too much time with Mr. Beck’s the night before. I look over to the cooler…… Wanting to keep with the local flair, I reach pass the Coca Cola and Fanta Orange and I grab a bottle of Fritz Limo.
As I pick up the opener to pop the cap, I notice something very strange about the bottle….It was a Beck’s Beer bottle. The Fritz Limo was in a recycled Beck’s Beer bottle….. Now I’m all for recycling but when I buy a drink in a restaurant or a bar, do I really want to know where the bottle was before I got it? Not really.   Aaron – Daily Grind

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