Michelle: Tatted Bird of Paradise

Is it possible for a magazine to fall in love?…..No right? But if it were possible, we here at ETVAS Magazine all agree that our first love has to be Michelle….She is someone we met during the „Teaser Blog“ phase of  the magazine. She has a face and a look on life that could light up a cloudy sky. And her tattooed arms seemed to give her a depth that only added to the infatuation.….ETVAS Magazine had the good fortune to sit and interview Michelle during a recent photoshoot with photographer Martin Krüger.


Okay Michelle, I have to ask. How much of your body is tattooed?

(She suddenly stands up and pulls up her T-shirt and opens her pants and exposes her ¾ tattooed body)…But I’m not finished…….

So will you be going for the „full tattooed body“ look?

I don’t know yet. Some of THESE are not finished yet……..

How often do you go „under the gun“?

Whenever I have the feeling…..

Speaking of the „feeling“, does it hurt and if so, do you enjoy the pain?

Well, it’s a different kind of pain now than when I first started….I guess I was young and it didn’t really hurt…..But now there is some pain involved…And I guess I like it somehow…

Interesting…..So when you haven’t done it for a while, do you miss the pain?

I guess so…..Yea, I do…….

And the ideas for the designs? Were they yours?

Most of these were done by a friend of mine…..We sit and have some Absinthe and get  „creative“…..And this is what comes out…….

And if I were to ask you about a concept or direction that you want the tattoos to go, what would you say?

I want to be a „Bird Of Paradise“…………..



Photographed by:
Martin Krüger –

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