Pronoun Trouble

Pronoun trouble beitragsbildWhen President Obama gave his „State of the Union Address“ last week, he showed a swagger that we hadn’t seen from him since he was re-elected in 2012. He was especially quiet after the Democrats lost the majority in the House and the Senate last fall. This made Obama a „Lame Duck President“*…..Fitting right?

But last week he was back in true Obama form. His popularity numbers are high. Unemployment is lower than it’s been in six years. Wallstreet is booming….and he was able to pass four major bills in the last two years, including national health insurance.

But now the „pronoun trouble“ starts. He and both majority leaders are beginning to take credit for all of the good things that are currently happening. And of course blaming the other for all what is wrong in America. The „we did this“ and „they did that“ are beginning to hover around Washington like a flock of ducks trying to figure out if it’s time to leave for the winter or stay around because of  the unusual warm weather. So, what it means in plain language is that there probably won’t be a lot of movement in Washington for the next two years. But maybe that’s ok. Things are good……

Or maybe that was the plan. The „Grand Cycle of Politics“……

But the old „boys locker room smell“ that has encompassed the American political arena throughout history, is being replaced with the faint scent of Chanel No. 5. And it’s getting stronger. Hillary’s coming….

But don’t worry…. American Politics 101-„Nothing EVER changes, but when it does it’s very slow“.

So, Obama did well…He smiled…there was a „movement“….. He made a lot of promises and even kept a few.….he will pass the baton to Hillary…. And the Democrats have run one of the most successful 16 lap(year) relay races in the history of politics.

Soon the „he did’s“ will be replaced with „she did’s“. And hunting season will begin all over again.

*lame duck noun (Merriam Webster)

1. an elected official whose time in an office or position will soon end

2. a person, company, etc., that is weak or unsuccessful and needs help

Aaron – Daily Grind

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