The term „Social Art“ is a term that seems to come up about every twenty years. Or immediately at the end of some global-political swing from right to left….. Somehow, this swing empowers people that really „want to make a social difference“ to come out of the shadows and congregate, write articles, and hold speeches telling us all what we shouldn’t forget to think about during the next global-political swing from left to right…..

Sandra Schürmann of the Social Art Foundation has something to say about Social Art. And she’s not just talking. She’s actually „doing“ something….

In September of this year, the Social Art Foundation will conduct an experiment designed to get young people back to personally socializing and exchanging with one another. 10 young people from different countries will come to Berlin for one weekend in September; live in one apartment, as they work on a project designed to promote Social Art. The catch is that they will have to go throughout Berlin for the whole weekend without cellphones, tablets or any other electronic communication devices. This means that these young people will have to „personally“ communicate with each other and strangers to get around Europe’s hottest city for three days.

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