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Back in the 50’s and 60’s, before the days of the domestic Hi-Fi stereo systems, Fashion photographers would hire live musicians or DJs to play at their photoshoots in their studios. These „studio musicians“ were just as responsible for creating the right atmosphere as the photographers, stylists and art directors and helped create what we all recognize as some of the most iconic fashion photography from this time…
ETVAS MAG would like to pay tribute to this time and phenomenon by presenting the ETVAS MAG: Photo Jam Session. This is an event where we bring together one photographer, one stylist, one hair & make-up expert, one art director and one „live“ act (or DJ) that have never worked together, give them one Editorial theme and see what happens…..This „Live“ photoshoot gives the guests a chance to see a little bit „behind the scene“ of a Fashion Editorial Photoshoot.