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Interview with Star Pixster OLIVER RATH


E: What is your definition of erotic?

Less is more.

E: Why do you like to take pictures from naked people?

Because I´m a voyeur.

E: How old were you when you took your first photo?

With 27 I owened my first analog camera and started using it during the 9/11 world trade center attack in 2001 while I was in New York for a gig.

E: I read somewhere that you used to be a rapper. What kind of rap? Was it like gangster rap? Or political stuff? Or funny rap? Or something else?

Porno rap.

E: What was your rap name? Where did the name come from?

Al Kaporn… my DJ name was Al Kapone. I went to a singing session of the porn star Cindy Carrera and she wrote: for Elke Porn – so it´s just a mix from both.

E: Who would you like to photograph from the stars in Hollywood?

Princess Leia – Natalie Portman.

E: Which part of a woman’s body do you like most? And of a man?

A man´s chest and woman´s, too.

E: How did you meet your wife? How does she feel about all the naked women in your photography?

She was my first intern. She´s ok with it… she also likes naked girls.

E: Do you have an idol?

Billy Idol!

E: What do you think about other German photographers? 

Hopefully, not the same as they do regarding me.

E: Where is your favorite place in Berlin to hang out?

Amano roof top and Rath Gallery, of course.

E: Give us three words to describe you.

Ring of fire.

E: Are you trying to provoke people with your work?

I try to “moneypulate”.

E: Do you ever think about going somewhere other than Germany to do your photography? If so, where might that be?

You can take a good photo everywhere.

E: In our research, we also found out that you started by making secret porn films in your Mom’s house. Were you only directing or did you also play in the films? Did she ever find out? If so, what was her reaction? If someone were interested, could they find some of these films somewhere?

Storyboard, casting, camera, director, actor – all me! There are a few films left, next to my vinyl collection in my mom´s cellar. But she doesn´t know it.

E: When you did the ETVAS Magazine „Bad Boy“ shoot, there was a phrase that you said often, „Let’s Rock and Roll“. Could that also be considered as the Oliver Rath philosophy?

Could be…


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