„Diva me up“ is a term that comes from the 1950’s, when a woman felt like she was not taking care of herself properly because of housework, caring for the kids, etc.. So she would ask her husband for a day where she could „Diva herself up“. He would give her money (or his credit card) and she would go to all of her favorite places from beauty salon to department store.

Today’s woman doesn’t need the man’s approval or his money. But make no mistake, the concept of „Diva me up“ hasn’t changed over the years….

ETVAS MAG’s  Fashion/ Beauty experts have discovered 5 places where the „Berlin Woman“ goes to properly „Diva herself up“. Our first stop is V.I.P.A. Lingerie Boutique. Filmmaker Aaron Allred and model Bianca Delacruz give us a small sample of what you can expect from a trip to Knesebeckstr. 70, in Berlin’s K-Damm District.

1. “Diva me up” Lingerie

V.I.P.A. Berlin by Marina

Knesebeckst. 70

10623 Berlin


THE SECOND STOP on the Berlin “Diva me up” is DODO’S BLOW DRY BAR in Berlin’s Mitte District. As soon as you walk in you’re greeted by owner Dominic, with a bottle of sparkling wine in one hand and a hair blower in the other…

2. “Diva me up” Hairstyle

Dodo’s Blow Dry Bar

Rosenthalerstr. 66

10119 Berlin

In his own words “…


After 1000 strokes with Dominic’s comb and teaser and 47 minutes later, mademoiselle “Bianca” is ready for stop number 3. On her “Diva me up” day.

Objective: THE Dress