Wikipedia describes the “Dive Bar” as:
A small unglamorous, eclectic, old-style bar, with inexpensive drinks, which may feature dim lighting, shabby or dated decor, neon beer signs, and cash-only service.
Following the motto “Experience your magazine”, ETVAS MAG sent a team of researchers to New York City, Seoul, and Budapest to find the coolest Dive Bars. The other half of the challenge would be to bring this research back to our hub city Berlin and share this knowledge with our readers… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
ETVAS MAG opened “The Dive Bar” – Pop-up in Berlin in 2015. We took a half-renovated shop in the middle of one of the swankiest streets in the heart of Berlin’s “Mitte” area and told the construction workers to immediately “Drop the hammers and drilling machines. And leave everything as it is!”.
Our experts, New York Bar expert Kerry Hoefler and Berlin Art Director Vivienne Loi, would then began the quest of creating the perfect “Dive Bar Experience” for our readers and followers.
Key Elements:
* All Cocktails and Longdrinks 5€ – “Free pour” – Which means that if the Bartenders liked you, they’d pour until their arms got tired
* Colorful but dim lighting, so that guests, and whatever they were doing, could not be recognized from outside
* The obligatory “Back Room” with a pool table and other games like “Adult Twister”
* Killer Music! That ranged from Punk to “Al Green”; Blues to “Elvis” – And the nightly, one-hour tribute to “Old-school Hip Hop”
“The Dive Bar Pop up” presented by ETVAS MAG became a must-visit for Berliners and will “Pop up” again soon on a street near you!

Have a look at Berlin’s Top 10 Dive Bars: