ETVAS Magazine is the brainchild of New York film director Aaron Allred, who was fascinated by the idea of an online lifestyle magazine that can be read and then experienced in reality – you can HEAR IT, SEE IT, TASTE IT or FEEL IT in one of the designated ETVAS Event Spaces around the world.

The idea began to take shape in 2014 when a “Pop-up” ETVAS Event Space was opened in Berlin, one of the hottest cities in the world, with an adjoining ETVAS Magazine “Teaser Blog”. After the success of this proof-of-concept period, it was time to start planning the ETVAS Magazine launch.

The magazine will then be published online once a month, with a weekly refreshed news section and a daily blog-update by professional bloggers. Contributors will include international journalists, photographers, videographers and authors. Articles will always appear in the original language of the author, accompanied by an english translation.

A printed version of the magazine, the so called “Collector’s Edition” will be published four times a year in Berlin, Paris, London and New York in cooperation with the Berlin Film Festival, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks and the London Art Fair.

By 2022 ETVAS Magazine will have offices, Private Bars and Event Spaces in the following metropolitan cities:

Europe: Moscow, London, Paris, Prague, Rome, Istanbul, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen
North and South America: New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Buenos Aires
Middle and Far East: Dubai, Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Seoul
Africa: Lagos, Cape Town
Australia: Sydney