Breaking the circle – The Bitch in me

You may not know the name „Jenny Pham“ yet but we here at ETVAS Magazine think that that will change this year.

Jenny is beginning to make her move. She’s breaking out of the „Asian Circle“.

Pressure to live up to family expectations is something that we all have felt at some point in our lives. This was especially tough for Jenny Pham. Born and raised in Berlin, to traditional Vietnamese parents, Jenny felt pressure at an early age from family and the „Asian Circle“ to be the „nice“ girl who would finish her normal studies, get a normal job and then go and work for the family business….

Jenny had other plans….Although finishing her studies in graphic design is important to her – and she will do it – there are other talents of her that not many people have seen……Her talents in modeling and acting were discovered on a trip to Los Angeles while she participated in a small acting workshop…The acting also brought out a sexual side of her that even she had not realized was there. And this is a side that is normally shunned upon inside the „Asian Circle“……

Upon returning to Berlin, Jenny made some decisions. She is determined to finish her studies but also wants to pursue the acting. So now she goes to university on weekdays, works in an asian restaurant at night and on the works with acting coaches on the weekends….

She has just landed her first role in a feature film where she plays the classic „femme fatale“. A gigantic step outside of the „Asian Circle“….It will be interesting to watch…….

Bruce – ETVAS Magazine

Photographer: Michael Bennett

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