Monat: Oktober 2014


Homey Chow finds a new Home

After the huge success of the one month Pop-Up, ETVAS Magazine’s ”Homey Chow Late Nite Restaurant” will stay in Berlin for a while (at least six months), but in a new location in Berlin’s ”Mitte” District.

But don’t you worry….We made sure that the fried chicken and waffles, the Chinese dumplings, the Gin Tonic Straight and the Brooklyn → Berlin Soundtrack were all in the moving trucks………

So for all of you ”Brooklyn Soulfood meets Chinatown” fans that tried to reserve a table….. MORE


Michelle: Tatted Bird of Paradise

Is it possible for a magazine to fall in love?…..No right? But if it were possible, we here at ETVAS Magazine all agree that our first love has to be Michelle….She is someone we met during the „Teaser Blog“ phase of the magazine. She has a face and a look on life that could light up a cloudy sky. And her tattooed arms seemed to give her a depth that only added to the infatuation.….ETVAS Magazine had the good fortune to sit and interview Michelle during a recent photoshoot with photographer Martin Krüger….. MORE