Monat: August 2014

It happened again!!!!!!

In Ferguson, Missouri it happened two times in the last two weeks!!!
A white policeman shot and killed a black teenager. And although the national and international news channels have… MORE

Lip Expression…

I forgot who it was, but someone famous said that „The eyes are the window to the soul“……. I don’t know…….Personally, I find eyes quite interesting and definitely a window to something….. MORE


To Tatt, or not to Tatt? That is the question…

We made a random survey of 100 people in Berlin, and for the first time I’m sure in history, more people were tattooed than weren’t. The Tattoo is no longer Taboo…… Those who have „gone under the gun“ are your brother or sister, your hairdresser, and probably your lawyer and tax consultant…..

Stay tuned as ETVAS Magazine „SERIES“ gets a little bit „under the skin“ and explores this growing phenomenon…….. MORE

I’m all for recycling but………

Sitting in an eaterie in Midtown Berlin, I had just wolfed down my second Curry Bratwurst and desperately needed something to wash it down. Definitely something non alcoholic after spending a little too much time with Mr. Beck’s the night before. I look over to the cooler…… MORE