Daily Grind

Pronoun Trouble

When President Obama gave his „State of the Union Address“ last week, he showed a swagger that we hadn’t seen from him since he was re-elected in 2012. He was especially quiet after the Democrats lost the majority in the House and the Senate last fall. This made Obama a „Lame Duck President“*…..Fitting right?… MORE

Pookie and the Viagra Effect

This morning I planned to share my opinion as to why no one has seen Fidel Castro in the last half year and whether he’s still alive or not…. Suddenly, I look down at my cappuccino and the cocoa on top formed a shape that looked like “POOKIE.“ Let me explain… MORE

It happened again!!!!!!

In Ferguson, Missouri it happened two times in the last two weeks!!!
A white policeman shot and killed a black teenager. And although the national and international news channels have… MORE

I’m all for recycling but………

Sitting in an eaterie in Midtown Berlin, I had just wolfed down my second Curry Bratwurst and desperately needed something to wash it down. Definitely something non alcoholic after spending a little too much time with Mr. Beck’s the night before. I look over to the cooler…… MORE